April Showers Tournament: Black Ice v. NEWHL Deke’n’Divas

Game two was this afternoon.  We played one of the house teams (NEWHL is the sponsor of the tournament), a team we’d played (and beat!) in Fitchburg a couple of months ago. Today we weren’t quite so lucky, and ended up losing a completely even match 0-1. FWIW, the one goal wasn’t even scored by the NEWHL team – it was one that we accidentally knocked in on our goaltender. Argh. Defender’s worst feeling, and goodness knows that I’ve scored several on our goaltender this year.

That said, the game was so good. It was tough, it was physical, the refs called appropriate penalties (and one that was kind of stupid – oh well, can’t win them all!), and we played a strong game. Some things I particularly enjoyed:

  • Defending Marcia (who plays with both teams, and elected to skate with NEWHL this tournament, the big doody-head) really well.  I held her up a lot down on our left defensive side.  She got a few shots off, but nothing went in, and I know I annoyed her a fair amount when she didn’t have the puck.
  • Playing back with STP. I love playing with all the defenders on this team, but rarely (anymore) get paired with Blue-Line Nancy. Coach Steph has taken to pairing STP and me in back lately, and we’re getting really good at reading each other. Today was no exception. I know that if I’m following the puckhandler, she’ll step in and cover for me, and vice versa. Same thing when we’re trying to keep the puck in our offensive zone – whoever steps in, the other person drops back. I don’t think they had one successful fast-break against us this game, despite several attempts.
  • Watching Amy play center. Center is a position she’s well suited for (i.e. gotta be everywhere all the time) and she plays it with abandon. It’s fun to watch her (not that I’m biased or anything…)
  • Knowing that we played an incredibly good game, and that if the universe were fair, we’d have tied 0-0. Stupid universe!

More tonight – we play the North Shore Panthers C team, and it’s going to be another tough game. Let’s hope we can pull it out and beat them!

One thought to “April Showers Tournament: Black Ice v. NEWHL Deke’n’Divas”

  1. good luck tonight! sounds like you guys are getting in some great games in this tourney! 🙂

    [I’m a newbie to playing ice hockey and one of my craft/knitblog readers pointed me to your blog. 🙂 ]

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