GTD: The First Steps

I picked up David Allen‘s book Getting Things Done a couple of days ago, after hearing a lot about it at work and on various blogs I read.

So my first steps have been to start thinking about what I do and how I do it. And the second step? This is what I accomplished for the first time in ages today:

My inbox!

And empty work inbox! What a thing of glory!

3 thoughts to “GTD: The First Steps”

  1. ok that’s hot. being that of my 5 email addresses, not one i tell you, not one has an empty inbox, nor have they ever. nice job megan!!

  2. That’s a beautiful thing. I have GTD envy! And if it’s not too nosey to ask, do you have a separate email address for mailing lists, or have you freed yourself from their tyranny, too (other than OBEREF)?

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