Three Posts I Want to Write, When I Have the Time

  1. Twitter and Second Life, and why I’m not going to sign up for them
  2. More advice to librarian job-seekers (a follow-up to my rant here.)
  3. The final hockey game of the season.

Which one do you think I’m going to write first? Oh yeah, the hockey one. You know it!

3 thoughts to “Three Posts I Want to Write, When I Have the Time”

  1. Twitter is fading for me. I see some real art there, haiku style, in the way people learn to write a lit in a little space. (you get a limited # of characters). Then there are some who post every single thing they do (just use many posts). I dunno. If it helps that person cope and feel connected, way cool. But, it’s not my favorite.

    afa Second Life. I am with you (though I am interested in your reasons). I see definite pluses but I just don’t feel comfortable there. It feels culty, but maybe I need to understand it more. Maybe I need to be more comfortable, for example, connecting and collaborating with librarians in first life, then I can move on to 2nd.

    I sure do look forward to the job advice essay however. For purely benevolent reasons, of course. 🙂

  2. I just read your advice to job seekers and want to sign you up to proof my letters 🙂 Well put, well taken advice that seems to apply to most fields. A foot in the door is the hardest part. Nailing the interview is another great topic, but another important consideration is choosing the job carefully so that one can stay in it for a while…that seems to be the hard part for many, myself included.

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