SP2 Upgrade

If you never hear from me again, it’s because the upgrade to WindowsXP SP2 didn’t go well. Well, that and I’m attempting to upgrade to Thingamablog 1.something-or-other and it’s having some difficulty importing my blog. *grumble* I love me some technology.

In other news, the school year begins on Monday, and I’m really looking forward to it. The freshmen have been oriented, the upperclass students return today, and the work insanity doesn’t look to be too insane this fall. Actually, one thing I noticed this year during the library portion of freshmen orientation was that this year’s group of new student seemed a lot more subdued than the past couple of years. In general, the noise level and energy level were both lower. I was talking with my mom about that, and her gut reaction was, “It’s the election.” I’m not sure I totally agree, but it’s an interesting theory to ponder.

Okay, off to upgrade the living daylights out of this machine. But first, time to back up the digital images and my financial data. Can’t have that in any harm’s way!