Say Hi Please…

Hey – whoever you are at UNI, please say hello in the comments. It’s a little weird to note that you’ve scoured my entire web site without dropping me an email or anything.

2 thoughts to “Say Hi Please…”

  1. Hi Megan,
    Our “former director of the library, Herb Safford” was probably the one looking around your site. He emailed the “library with your URI and email address.
    You are “looking GREAT” and have not changed a bit. Things have changed some here at UNI. Librarians work until 7:00pm now and I work until 10:00 with a couple of students. We now have chat reference. A waste of money in my opinion, but Jerilyn, Stan, Tim(new guy), and Marilyn Mercado(dean of Library) want it so I am certain it is here to stay. I finished my masters degree in communication studies last December. I plan to teach parttime at Hawkeye, Upper Iowa, UNI. or surrounding colleges after retirement. Love to teach. It is about time I figure out what I want to do when I grow up. Best get back to work. Have not visited all of your website, but will probably return. Great Pictures. Most importantly you look HAPPY. Take Care. Dave

  2. Hi Megan-

    You do look happy. I didn’t used to think you were happy at UNI. I’m glad you are now. And yes, I’m here because Herb sent us all the link to your page.

    I’m a grandma now. Being a grandma is great.

    I will probably return to your website too.


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