Resolutions 2005: March Update

Okay, so it’s not exactly the first of the month, but I’m getting around to it! As I said last month, on the first of each month, I’d like to revisit my resolutions for the year to see what kind of progress I’m making on them.

1. Exercise more. I snorkeled and hiked some in the Virgin Islands, but most of February was influenza-wrought. My inner Billy Blanks tells me that I need some more work on this one.

2. Keep on knitting! I am! I finished all the pieces of my Klaralund a few days ago, and need only to block-n-seam it. I also started a new little scarf in a mock-cable stitch out of some wildly inappropriate yarn. This one definitely needs a new home.

3. Do selected home repair/improvement projects. What did I say above about the flu? Yeah, that.

4. Keep making friends in the area. Flu.

5. Make my teeth happy. I really ought to have been more general with this one. My next goal (for March or early April) is to get my eyes checked and to get new contacts! In May I’ll go for my annual exam. Remember: if you are a woman, you need an annual Pap smear and exam in order to catch any hidden diseases (i.e. ovarian cancer, cervical cancer, and the like)! Don’t delay!

6. Entertain more casually. Can I get a F-L-U over in this corner please? Oh wait – not literally!

7. Engage in activism. Oh man. I really sucked it up in February on my resolutions. Something tells me though, that March is going to be a lot better!

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