Resolutions 2005: February Update

On the first of each month, I’d like to revisit my resolutions for the year to see what kind of progress I’m making on them.

1. Exercise more.: I began my new working out regimen today. I’ve scheduled in 3 days a week to hit the gym, and have plans for what I’ll do every day. I’m also taking the dog on more walks that I have recently. Both these things are good signs that I’m making progress on this.

2. Keep on knitting!: I’m still halfway through the first sleeve of my Klaralund, but I *did* make a hat on the way to Minneapolis last Friday night.

3. Do selected home repair/improvement projects.: I researched garage doors and have decided what kind I want (Clopay, premium series, flush panel, no windows, in white). I just need to set up an appointment with a local dealer to price and fit one, and install it.

4. Keep making friends in the area.: Um, I haven’t even been in town enough to hang out with my current friends!

5. Make my teeth happy.: Went to the dentist already, and had no cavities. Yee-haw!

6. Entertain more casually.: See number 4.

7. Engage in activism.: This is the one I need to get a jump on. I did order the new book by Jennifer Baumgardner called Grassroots: A Field Guide to Feminist Activism. It should arrive in a week or so. But that’s not enough for my tastes. Gotta get a move on.

So far, so good on the resolutions. My big goal in the next short amount of time is to finish the Klaralund and begin wearing it before winter dies off here in Philadelphia.

3 thoughts to “Resolutions 2005: February Update”

  1. I had not thought of this simple twist on the resolution tradition.

    Good luck on #4! You can put me on the list, if you lower your standards of “new friends” to “comments on my blog”.

    If it “takes a village” to raise a child, it must “take the entire country” to keep me going.

  2. hmmm – #3 home repair/improvement projects. Do you want to be my partner in the experimental dry wall attempt?!!!

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