Refgrunt: The “But I looked there in the first place!” Edition

Monday-morning clean-up.

Brought out 3 boxes of paper, did all the recycling in the reference room, filled the printers with paper, found 2 boxes of toner to put in the spare-toner cabinet, and picked up all the books in the reference room and brought them to Circulation.

Student doing research paper on Egyptian and Moroccan war recruits in World War I was looking for British foreign documents from 1914-1919.

After a wild goose chase which involved me sending her to the stacks to find a book which would likely have a nice bibliography, I found a reference book that discussed most HMSO publications. And wouldn’t you know? The one we were looking for? We’d actually touched later years of it in the documents stacks. Somehow we both missed the fact that it went back in time and covered the years we wanted.

Since I don’t want to take credit for the blunder, I blame Rick Santorum for our oversight. (Long story, but thanks to Sam for that lovely little blaming tidbit.)

Was Wellesley Week published this week?


What production is Shakespeare Society doing in the spring?

No idea, and it’s not on their web page. Best bet is to call them.

Several requests for MLA Handbook.

One request for tape dispenser and a single paper clip.

After the reference shift, I had lunch with the art librarian (who I don’t see nearly enough of during the semester), barreled through email, and began writing a letter of nomination for an award. That took me to the end of the day.

Two more workdays this week and then it’s Thanksgiving! I’m looking forward to seeing family and friends, and to enduring not JUST flying and not JUST driving during the Thanksgiving weekend, but BOTH. Look at you, all green with envy. You’re jealous and I know it!

One thought to “Refgrunt: The “But I looked there in the first place!” Edition”

  1. blaming rick for all the evils in the world is the best solution ever. i guess you read dan savage? oh, and i love being asked for white-out while i’m tending the reference desk. when i replied in the negative, the guy said “then what’s the library good for?” instead of telling him that we’re not an office supply store, i shrugged my shoulders and apologized. guess the library can’t be all things to all people.

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