Our Lives Matter

Amy forwarded me a really wonderful transcript of a speech given by Dr. Robin Meyers of Oklahoma City’s Mayflower Congregational UCC church at the 11/04 Peace Rally at Oklahoma University. Really, it’s a stunning indictment of those who wave “moral values” at those of us who do not toe the line of Christianity-according-to-GWB, and who attempt to tell us that we are somehow less-than for our views.

Wake up, people! It’s time to begin living as though people – REAL PEOPLE, ALL PEOPLE – matter. As though people who are not powerful and who do not have an inside track to the White House MATTER. Because I’m telling you – we do matter. And though we may not live the lives that those “moral values” people want us to live, we live the lives that we have, that we own, that are OURS.

I tell you this: OUR LIVES MATTER.

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