Online Banking

Explain to me how, if all our financial transactions are supposed to take place online these days (via Quicken, M$N Money, or some other such program), the bank can be DEAD?

Yes, it’s true. I keep trying to connect to my bank, so I can download my transactions and do more of them (no, none of my bills are overdue this month, why do you ask?) But the page just keeps on being unavailable. It doesn’t matter whether I try to connect through Quicken, or just by using my web browser. I’ve tried it both wireless and wired. This damn bank won’t give it up for me, and I’m getting pissed off. I have exactly ONE thing I need to do tonight, and it is pay bills. And I’m being thwarted, and that makes me unhappy.

Dead dead dead as a doornail.

Do you ever wonder where sayings like that come from? I do. Why is a doornail dead? Who killed it? Or did it die of natural causes, with no foul play suspected?

Update: hot damn! I got it to work. But why was my bank dead for 15 minutes? Banks shouldn’t be dead. And I suppose, rather than pondering the etymology of odd phrases, I shall go pay my bills instead.