Mulching and Wishing

Librarygrrrl and I decided we needed to mulch this year. We also needed some loam to finish off our garden plot we created. Thursday, before the expected wet Friday weather, I had a WHOLE BUNCH of mulch and loam delivered. Two cubic yards of loam and 6 cubic yards of black mulch from Landscape Depot in Framingham, MA.

Although my back has been angry at me, and I knew my PT would be angry with me, I started to shovel…and shovel…and shovel! I moved about 1/3 of the loam into the garden area and moved on to the mulch pile. I had a method to my madness. I first shoveled all the mulch or loam that had not landed on my carefully laid tarps. And then I worked the pile in such a way that when the rains came, we could cover the remaining piles. After 5+ hours of shoveling, over half of the mulch was also laid around the house. I wish I took pictures of the initial delivery. Many neighbors stopped to comment on the size of the thing! One, who has worked in delivery of such material, was confident that it was quite a large 6 cubic yards. Needless to say, my math was either way off or he was right. The mulch more than adequately covered the areas I had measured, and we still had almost half of the mulch left.

When librarygrrrl called me to pick her up from work at (surprise, surprise) the library, I literally collapsed in a pile trying to pick up a shovel. Oops, guess my back was angry at me.

Friday, the missus took the day off from work while I substitute taught. Much to my surprise, when I came home – the MULCH WAS GONE! She had finished off the pile AND folded the tarp – and for those of you who have had to fold those huge tarps, that’s no small task. The yard looks smashing and I’m sure the little picture-taker will snap some photos soon.

In the meantime, the main point of my message is to wish little sleeping beauty a wonderful, glorious and truly HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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