Let Me Explain…

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Let me explain my little car incident today…

I came home from work and wanted to take a load of leaves to the recycle/compost center before they closed at 3:30.  I put down a tarp in the back to keep it somewhat clean and loaded up my bags of leaves I had stored by the garage.  I drove on over and quickly began unloading out of the side door.  I then opened the back hatch leaned in to grab a bag and WHAP – I bonked my head on the hatch door.  It stung a little but not too bad.  From then on I was bit more cautious as I leaned in for the bags.  A minute or two later, I could still feel where it had hit so I put the back of my gloved hand up there to touch it and, lo and behold, I was bleeding! It wasn’t bleeding too much so I finished unloading and took a peek in the mirror to see my damage.   Jiminy did I feel like a nincompoop.

CVS seemed like the next stop as I really didn’t feel stitches were necessary and I didn’t need a doctor to tell me to put butterfly strips on it.  I drove over and asked a guy stocking shelves if he could handle a little blood.  He said he could so I asked his opinion on the wound.  He agreed that it was merely butterfly worthy.  It was at this point that I realized I didn’t have my wallet.  Yup, I really am a nincompoop.  He let me take a strip out of the box for the time being and kept the box while I left to drive home.  Luckily, I found enough change in the car to buy the whole box outright.  PHEW!

So now I’m home, looking funny and with no one to blame but myself.  At least it gave librarygrrrl a good chuckle!

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  1. Oh, jeez! Sorry, but this is kind of funny. I actually laughed! And it’s something I would totally do, being the clumsy, distracted and forgetful person that I am…not that Amy is ANY of these things! I hope it heals up soon. She could always get some bangs to cover the wound, or wear a bandana? LOL

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