Headed to Maine!

I’m headed up to Maine tomorrow for what is apparently an annual gathering of wild revelry and lobster-gorging. What fun! Amy’s dad throws the party every year for his business associates and the kids have been inviting their friends to join in the fun for many years. Since I only met Amy this year, this is my first Lobster Bake. Wish me luck.

Beast is going to the kennel. Boo hiss. At least I’ll have them clip her nails – it’s been entirely too long.

Head on over to my fotolog for some hilarious pictures of my mom’s extended family this past July. We all dressed up in funny gear as part of the big “Bumps Blast 2004”, a big family party in memory of my grandfather, who passed away a couple of years ago.

Bumps and Megan

That’s me with Bumps, photo taken at the Dome, many years ago at Christmas. I miss him.