Gobble Gobble!

Happy Thanksgiving from Minnesota! Amy and I spent about 9 hours getting here yesterday, thanks to a snowstorm in Chicago that delayed a plane coming to Philadelphia that was going to take us to MN. No huge problem, really, just tiring.

Today, I want to publicly thank the God I believe in (who I know is different from the Gods other people believe in*) for:

My family, with their health and humor and happiness.
My friends, who seriously rock the free world with their zest and zeal.
My little beast, who’s so damn cute it makes me hurt sometimes (although it’s probably her shrill bark that hurts rather than her cuteness).
My co-workers, who invariably make me smile when I’m having a tough day.
My work, which is honestly and unabashedly meaningful to me.

Many blessings upon you this Thanksgiving holiday.

* I just finished reading Terry Pratchett’s Small Gods, and am even more sensitive to our various belief systems. 🙂

One thought to “Gobble Gobble!”

  1. Best to you and yours on this holiday, too!

    My son who lives in Philadelphia didn’t get home for Thanksgiving — but he’ll be coming at Christmas time!

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