Do You Believe in Mice

Do you ever get horrid songs stuck in your head? And they won’t go away?

Jack Wagner. “All I Need.”
Little River Band. “Lady.”
Huey Lewis and the News. “Do You Believe In Love?”
ANYTHING by Neil Diamond.

Welcome to my head lately. Apparently I’m stuck in the 80s. Do any songs from the 70s or the 90s get stuck in your head? (Note: they must be horrid to qualify.) Do drop me a note if you can think of any.

In other news, my mouse problem has returned, with a vengeance. Yesterday I got 10 traps at Gnome Depot. The guy at the checkout lane was joking with me a bit about it, and suggested I get a cat. I gave him my standard disclaimer of “the dog would eat a cat, and I’m allergic.” He laughed, told me that I should train the dog to chase mice. What a funny concept – my little beast thinks mice are totally not worth bothering. A good chipmunk, hedgehog, a woodchuck, some squirrels, even pigeons… these are the critters she wants to destroy. Not mice. They are insignificant.

Unless they’re living in your kitchen. Then it’s WAR. Going on vacation was a bad idea. I mean, at least as it concerns the mouse battle. Vacation was really good otherwise. And with that, I’m off to set traps.