Dante’s Third Circle of Hell

ALA was great. Orlando sucked. What a cultural wasteland. I don’t know why people travel there – it’s just a 15-mile long strip mall and altar to consumerism. And goodness knows, that kind of stuff makes my soul shrivel. It reminds me of Dante’s Third Circle of Hell – that reserved for the gluttons.

The conference, though, was really fun. I saw all the friends I wanted to see – my LSU folks, my grad school friend, my Iowa partner-in-crime, and all my Women’s Studies Section friends. On Thursday, when I arrived, my friends Penny and Tom took me airboating on the Tosohatchee (sp?) River. I never thought I’d enjoy doing such a thing, but it was a blast. I saw lots of birds and cattle, a few alligators, and a dead cow. Fun, eh?

And now I get ready for my next adventure… which entails doing laundry and getting the dog used to riding in the car. More details later, I promise!