Call to arms….

From llhinkle

Yesterday, the nation took an exam, and it would seem we failed. But what do you do when a class fails an exam? Do you give up on education? No…here’s what you do:

1. Look at the possible faults of the exam. Is the electoral college system really working for us? Is the campaign system we have in place working for us? We have four years to work to change it.
2. See the pattern of error your students demonstrated, and remediate. Our nation has embraced a false religion, a religion of money and greed, of ownership of other people’s bodies….we must spend every day teaching America how to be tolerant, honorable, and selfless.
3. Re-test. And we will, in four years…and in every congressional election, and every day when we call into accountability every leader whether we chose them or not.


I call you to arms. We do not have time to cry, to wallow, to linger in our disbelief.

Get up. It’s after 5am.
Let’s go to work.