Blog Day 2006

Today’s BlogDay 2006, in which bloggers are to introduce 5 new (to them) blogs to others who read their blogs. In no particular order, these are some of my new, favorite blogs:

  • Lesbian Dad: Powerful writings by one child’s “Baba”, which is someone who’s neither a mother nor a father, but is a parent nonetheless.
  • Dogma: Pet columnist Gina Spadafori keeps me updated on the goings-on of the world in which humans and animals interact.
  • bekka: I envy her ability to craft, read, write, cook, photograph, and enjoy being a librarian so much!
  • FourFour: Reality television has met its snarky, critiquing foe. I read mostly for the Project Runway recaps.
  • Shelteriffic: A blog from some of the staff of the dear, departed Budget Living magazine.

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