22. do a super touristy thing to do in Boston

On January 2, Amy and Libby and I headed in to Boston to go ice skating at the Frog Pond.

Megan putting on skates
Putting on my skates

Stephanie and KP met up with us (outside the rink) and took photos.

Megan, Amy, & Libby skating on the Frog Pond
Photo by KP: Megan, Amy, & Libby on the Frog Pond

Then we all headed over the Cheers for drinks.

KP, Amy, Libby, Megan, & Stephanie at Cheers!
KP, Amy, Libby, Megan, & Stephanie at Cheers

Niki and one of her friends showed up to celebrate with us. (Sadly, no photo of that happy event.)

It was a blast! The city was really pretty so soon after Christmas and New Year’s.

Boston Common at New Year's
Boston Common at New Year’s

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