2009 Resolutions

So how did I do on my resolutions from last year? Not as good as I’d like to have done. I read a ton, scored a couple of goals in hockey, and grew out my hair. As for reducing screen-time, walking the dogs every mornings, biking to work 3x/week, blogging twice a week, and finding/hiding geocaches… let’s just say that I fell a little short on those goals. We didn’t get the tv/cable/router/printer/stereo setup figured out either and I didn’t finish the home office. But on both of those we made other adjustments that have compensated somewhat… maybe I can talk Amy into getting the tv setup finished this weekend!

My resolutions this year are more modest.

  • Keep reading – at least 50 books
  • Geocache – at least 20 finds
  • Hockey – score two points
  • Bike – more (which requires getting up earlier) (NTS: get gloves and velcro straps)
  • Move – start lifting again

This year’s numerical summary:

  • Books read: 88
  • States visited: 8 (NH, VT, ME, CT, MN, WI, FL, NJ)
  • Countries visited: 2 (St. Martin, St. Maarten)
  • Hockey games played: 62 (most in the summer)
  • New gadgets: 4 (iomega eGo hard drive, iPod touch, Flip video, MacBook Pro)
  • Dogs: 2 (I can never seem to get Amy to agree to any more)
  • TV stations we get with hockey on them: 15 (VS, NHL Network, NESN, 12 on Center Ice Package)
  • Geocaches found: 15 (oh gosh, that’s lame)
  • Political candidates I voted for who won: 5 (Obama/Biden most important!)

Happy 2009 to you and yours from me and mine!

Amy + Megan

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