2008 Resolutions

Last year I made 10 resolutions and did okay with them. I maintained (more or less) my weight, was more active this year now that I’ve got a bike, kept on doing my emotional work, did a fair amount of decorating, read a lot (73 books), and spent a fair amount of time outside. That’s success on 6 of 10 – not bad.

This year my resolutions are of a different sort:

1. Walk the dogs every morning with Amy.

2. Reduce screen-time after work by 30 minutes minimum.

3. Bike to work 3 times a week (M,W,F) in spring, summer, & fall.

4. Score at least one goal this spring, and one next fall.

5. Read at least one book a week.

6. Figure out the television/cable/router/printer/stereo setup once and for all.

7. Finish home office/spare room/knitting studio.

8. Grow out my hair.

9. Find 25 geocaches. Hide our first cache.

10. Blog at least twice a week.

These are a bit more task-oriented than last year’s goals, but nonetheless I think they’re accomplishable. For example, yesterday and today we organized the basement, giving each other the time and space to do part of it alone and to do part of it together. It looks really good down there, and I think I actually know where everything lives.

So Happy New Year to all of you from Amy, Maggie, Otter, and me!

Amy + Megan

MaggieMiss Maggie

Otter and the Frog

2 thoughts to “2008 Resolutions”

  1. Happy New Year to you too!

    Good luck with all the resolutions. We have three or four geocaches of our own out there (mostly in Michigan, but also one travel bug) and I think it gets way more fun when you place one! There is a mini-frenzy of activity that I think you will find interesting.

    Check out our travel bug, by the way. I think you will like it.


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