With Heavy Heart…

I found out this afternoon that a friend of mine, Dan Kissane, passed away yesterday. Dan was the ultimate “guy’s guy.” He hunkered down for Y2K, buying a cabin and a bunch of land out in the wilderness. He was an academic librarian with the soul of a high-school football coach. He refereed for baseball and football, and sat on committees in ALA that dealt with preparing high school students for college. He made me laugh, especially at the 2001 ALA Annual Conference in San Francisco. None of us (the LSU Ex-Pats) had seen Dan for a while, and we all wondered if he’d gone off the deep edge after all his Y2K preparations. And then, at a vendor reception, there was Dan, in his tie-dyed t-shirt, his cargo shorts, and a pretty apolgetic attitude. He told me that he’d really gotten out of touch with things living way out in the boonies, had sold his property, and moved back to town. He was feeling a lot better, surrounding himself with people. And he was back at ALA conferences.

Apparently, Dan died while he was playing basketball, of an undetected heart problem. I’m going to miss him a lot – I only saw him once or twice a year, the last time in June in Orlando. Rest in peace, Dan.

megan and  dan in orlando, june 2004

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  1. Megan,

    I, too, am a friend of Dan’s, through the SUNY Librarians Association (SUNYLA) and we were all so saddened to hear of his sudden passing. I guess we can take heart in the fact that he was doing something he enjoyed when his heart stopped. What a shock! I am still in shock and it’s hard for me to imagine that he won’t be at the next SUNYLA conference or at any other local meeting. He always brought so much life and laughter to what might be an otherwise low-key library event. Just know that you are not alone in your sadness. Kim D.

  2. Dan and I were hometown (Delhi, NY) friends. We were classmates, teammates, and kindered spirits. Dan last visited me in 2001 during the SF Library Conference. We had not seen each other in many years and it felt so good to talk and laugh again.
    We had a group of hometown friends who were pretty close. I spoke with his mother Carol a few days after the funeral. Carol said the Delhi turnout for Dan was incredible. My hometown friends recalled many stories and played “Spirit in the Sky”, as Dan had once requested. I’ve now added that song (with special meaning) to my guitar playlist. Dan wants us to remember and rejoice, his time was well spent.
    Oh Dan, now I say Good-Bye Old Friend.
    Brendan J. Mulholland, Oakland, CA

  3. My first job as a librarian was working with Dan at SUNY Oneonta. He used to crack me up so much with his off-beat humor. I left after a year but we kept in touch through AIM, phone calls, and a couple of times we met up in the Catskills. A month has passed and I still can’t believe he is gone. I talked to him the day before he died. I had contacted him because I found out the SUNYLA conference was going to be in New Paltz in 2005. I was excited because it was close to me and on my birthday so we were going to meet up. He was already getting his presentation together and told me about it. It was about how we should ditch the MLA citation format. He always had a unique view on things! He had a great mind and I enjoyed hearing his thoughts. I will miss him dearly! Rest in peace Danny.

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