Touring Philadelphia

My best friend rolled into town Sunday night for a quick visit before she had to run off to the Valley Forge area for a conference. We spent Monday poking around the city, seeing some sights I’d not seen yet, and others that I go back to again and again. It’s always fun.

Sunday night we had dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in the city, Vietnam Restaurant (not to be confused with Vietnam Palace, just across the street.) As per usual, the food was excellent and we left stuffed to the gills.

Monday, after a morning of lazing around and walking the dogs, we headed in to take the walking self-guided Mural Arts Program tour. On the way, we got distracted by the Liberty Bell, the Tiffany/Maxfield Parrish collaboration “Dream Garden”, and a late lunch at Caribou Cafe.

Amy met up with us at Caribou, and we walked about half of the mural tour before stopping at Capogiro Gelato for a pick-me-up. Their gelato is heaven in a tiny plastic cup. The limoncello and nectarino were so incredibly tasty! Nan and Amy loved theirs too – dark chocolate, bourbon butterscotch, and wild honey….

Hockey called next, so Amy and I suited up and hit the ice for a couple of hours. She’s been playing with the Philadelphia Freeze for a few years now, and I just joined this season. I’m not tooooo Bambi-esque on the ice thus far, although I do appreciate all the padding. Still, bruises!

It was a fun weekend to be a tourist in my own city. I highly recommend doing it a few times a year. If you’re a Philly person, what are you favorite tourist places?

3 thoughts to “Touring Philadelphia”

  1. Franklin Court. The Graf (sp?) House. The Franklin Institute, of course. The University Museum.

    Two I only got to in recent years that are a must for you as a librarian are The Rosenbach Museum (ASW Rosenbach’s house) and the Rare Books Collection on the top floor of the Phila Free Library. I went on a Sunday when they had a Beatrix Potter exhibit – the librarian there wasn’t too busy and seemed delighted to have someone who loved books to talk to. I’d just been reading about book-collectors so knew some of the things to ask. He took an incunable copy of Herodotus down for me to look at and showed me A. Edward Newton’s library – when he died an willed his books to the Library, his widon also gave them his personal library room and the whole thing was moved from Oak Knoll to the building on the Parkway.

    Also, no other city does soft pretzels right.

  2. gee.. there are so many things I love to do in the city.

    Old city is always a fave. checking out all the galleries and then having something at petit four. I also love the terminal market, as well as chinatown for a quick change of pace. museums museums museums.. and end with a nice meal out. 🙂 capagiro is one of my fave ways to end the day.

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