The Little White Church in the Woods

Once upon a time, there was a little white church in the woods in northern Minnesota. It was called Bethlehem Lutheran Church, and it was listed in the National Register of Historic Places because it was such a typical little white church in the woods. There are lots of people buried in the cemetary behind the church, and they have names like “Mattson” and “Lindberg” and “Carlson” and “Peterson.” It should come as no surprise that this church was founded by Swedish settlers to those woods in Northern Minnesota.

Many years after the church was founded – 29 years ago, in fact – a young girl and her family moved to the town near the church. The girl met another little girl in preschool, and the two of them became fast friends. As they grew up, they began spending the night at each others’ house. When this girl stayed at that girl’s house on Saturday nights, they often went to the little white church in the woods on Sunday mornings. That girl, and her father, and (I think) her father’s mother were all baptized in that little white church in the woods.

Many years later, that girl met a boy and got married. She wanted to get married in her little white church, but it was too difficult to do so. Her husband helped her find a little white church in the town where they did get married, and it was beautiful. But still, it wasn’t THAT little white church. More years passed, and the boy and that girl had a baby boy. That girl and her husband decided that he should be baptized in the little white church in the woods. And THIS girl was that little boy’s godmother.

Happy Christening, Alex. I love you.