I give thanks for:

  • Amy (my love)
  • My family – all of them! (the ones who’ve known me since day 1 and the ones who I met just a few years ago)
  • The dogs (at the kennel for the weekend – sniff sob)
  • My friends far and wide, old and new (particularly those in Louisiana, Maine, and Philly)
  • New babies of friends (welcome to the world, little one!)
  • Impending babies of family (c’mon out, little one!)
  • The people I work with (they’re fun and funny and kind)
  • My health (it’s good to be able to use my body)
  • That someone invented hockey! (yeah, I like hockey)
  • Air travel (how do you think I got to Minnesota today?)
  • Indoor plumbing (no reason in particular, just yay!)
  • My career (I’m so lucky to do something I love and am passionate about)

And lots and lots and lots more…

Of course, I’m not thankful for the parents of the two little girls who sat in front of us on the plane today. Nor for the parents of the teenage boys who sat behind us. First: hello, does NO ONE know what an “inside voice” is any longer? Especially on a 6 a.m. flight? Second: All I heard the dad say the entire flight was “STOP IT. STOP IT. STOP IT. STOP IT.” I’m sooooo tired.

Oh, I’m also incredibly thankful for the Muppet Show. Apropos of randomly seeing a video yesterday with a little ditty, two pink cow/pig things, and a character loosely based on Jerry Garcia. Must get the DVD of season one of the show…. Good stuff.

Gobble gobble!