Summer Vacation Part 4

So the rest of the vacation included more hiking, some swimming, more breath-taking views, more dogs, and great food. Did I mention that we ate really well on this trip? Well, we did. Lobsters (soft shells were in season), clams, mussels, crabs – the whole bottom-feeding works. Yummers!

Hiking the western side of the island/park – we went up the Razor Trail, crested the top of Mansell Mountain, came down the Perpendicular Trail, and Otter learned how to do stairs.

Amy and Otter on top of Mansell Mountain

Amy and Otter made it to the top of Mansell Mountain!

Amy and Megan

A self-portrait (spotty with sun glare and dust on the lens) overlooking some beautiful vista.

Megan hiking up Mansell Mountain

See, I do exist in photos other than self-portraits! This is me with the dogs.

We also went to Echo Lake, where Otter really learned to swim! He spent a lot of time retrieving sticks, and ended up as a very tired puppy dog.

Otter swims away

He can swim! Come on back, boy!

Otter swims back

Phew! He figured out how to use his tail to turn around.

Amy, Maggie, and Otter at Echo Lake

Maggie needed leashing (she was afraid we’d throw her in the lake, so when we unleashed her, she ran away into the woods – not a fun game!) Otter kept trying to climb onto the relatively dry towel, but Amy kept him at bay.

Maggie at Echo Lake

She waded a little bit, but mostly just watched.

After all that swimming, Otter was a tired boy. Poor Otter. Poor part-lab who just learned how to swim and had the most amazing day ever in the lake. Poor, pooooooor, POOOOOOOOOOR dog. Such a tough life he leads.