Summer Vacation Part 3

In Acadia, we camped in Amy’s brother’s back yard. The dogs had their own tent, complete with crates, and we had a tent. That lasted one night. (Yes, I am a sucker for a long, sad, shivering dog-face.)

After morning hikes, we would spend time hanging out in the yard.

Maggie and Otter wrassling in the yard

Lots of the time was spent wrassling.

Amy and Otter

Or snuggling with Mama Amy.

Otter with Emma's ball

Or playing with Emma’s toys.

Maggie smiles

And a lot of the time, we just relaxed in the sunshine.

One thought to “Summer Vacation Part 3”

  1. I think we may have taken opposite vacations…you ladies were totally active and Christy and I slugged about lazily. So funny. It looks like you really enjoyed yourselves and that is great. There is nothing better than vacation! Maybe retirement, haha.

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