Summer Vacation Part 2

From York, we drove up to Acadia National Park (with quick stops in Portsmouth, NH for lunch at Dos Amigos and in Damariscotta, ME for ice cream at Round Top Creamery).

The first full day we were there, we hiked on one of the carriage trails south of Jordan Pond. We parked down by Bracy Cove and hiked in from there. We cut off of the carriage trails to follow the Jordan Stream hiking trail, which was gorgeous.

Neither dog liked the horses that were on the trails. I almost lost Otter when he went nuts and slipped out of his collar, but his harness kept him attached to his leash and me – whew!

Amy, Otter, and Maggie

On the Jordan Stream trail.

Jordan Stream

Jordan Stream trail again.

Leaping Maggie

Maggie in the pond at the base of the carriage trail, leaping like a gazelle.

Otter in the water for the first time

Otter in the same pond, the first time he’d experienced being in water that wasn’t rain.

Up top of a big hill

Up top, overlooking Bracy Cove, Seal Harbor. It was a yes, yes, yes moment.

Otter at Bracy Cove

Otter at Bracy Cove, being a handsome boy.

Maggie sniffs seaweed at Bracy Cove

Little dog loves the smelly stuff on the shores of the ocean! We did manage to keep her from rolling around in whatever it was that smelled so good.

Next, good times near the tent!

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