Philadelphia Phantoms Hockey

Last night Amy and I (and a co-worker of Amy’s and some of her friends) went to see a Philadelphia Phantoms hockey game at the Spectrum. It’s been a few years since I’ve watched any minor or major league hockey, and last night did not disappoint.

  • The fans, they were of the unwashed masses variety. As it should be.
  • The players, they had funky names and bad hairdos and too much testosterone. As it should be.
  • The arena, it was loud and the floor was sticky and the food overpriced. As it should be.

The Phantoms lost, but I had a blast anyway. The only thing that really turned me off from the game was the fight with 6 minutes left in the third period. Unlike most hockey fans, I have no fight-lust, and wish they’d do away with it entirely. But that notwithstanding, it was a fun night, and I’d go back to see them again (prov
iding the tickets were free, as they were last night.)

3 thoughts to “Philadelphia Phantoms Hockey”

  1. Man, I do miss my yearly hockey game. You make me want to go online and get tix.

    Sue and I really need to get off our butts and invite you and Amy to dinner or a day out or something.

    and the two pix below? Perfect. Both of them.

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