New York, New York! Redux

So New York was fun! I got up very early and grabbed the 9:09 SEPTA R7 to Trenton, and hopped onto the NJ Transit NEC to Penn Station from there. I got a TON of knitting done on the train, which was wonderful. I think the thing I’m making and hoping to have done soon will be done soon!

At any rate, by the time I got to Penn Station, I’d missed Meena on her cell a grand total of 4 times (we’d each called each other twice). Turns out that she and Murali were getting in about 90 minutes later than me, which left time to wander and find things. The three places I wanted to go, Purl, Knit NY, and Pearl River, are a lot farther south than I was willing to walk, and traffic seemed pretty bad so cabbing was out of the question. Instead, Midtown called to me.

Walking around, I hit upon the strangest thing ever in NYC: I walked past a STARBUCKS that was CLOSED at 12:30 p.m. on a Sunday. There were a slew of people walking by, so I have no idea why it was closed. Almost took a photo of that one. Next was a quick lunch of salad at a place near Times Square. Then off to the Marriott Marquis to meet up with M&M. They both look great, and their little one is just adorable. She’s a very laid-back baby, but sees everything and takes it all in. She’s talking a lot, with a few words even I could understand (the ones in Tamil, no less!)

Even though I’d just eaten, we decided to go out for an early dinner to a Thai restaurant on 48th St. and 8th Ave. called Pongsri. MMMMMMMMM! Murali definitely made a good call on that one. We ate for about 2 hours – red veggie/tofu curry, green veggie/tofu curry, and a fried tofu/veggies dish with chili peppers. MMMMMMMMM! I’d go back there in a heartbeat.

Meena and I went to the hotel lounge for a martini before I had to grab the train back. The lounge is on the 8th floor of the hotel, has 20-foot high ceilings, walls on three sides, and overlooks all of Times Square. It was getting dark out, and the lights were magical. We had a wonderful time talking away, until it was 5:45 and a train called. I hoofed back to Penn Station, snagged a seat by myself, knit away till Trenton, grabbed another seat by myself, knit all the way till 30th Street Station, and was home watching the Eagles game by 9 p.m. As it turns out, they won, which I didn’t know because I was fast asleep by 10:00.

And now I’m at work for 5 more days until vacation time! This break is going to be wonderful – lots of time with family and friends and dogs and outside and snow and winter and Christmas. Who could ask for anything more?

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  1. Appropos of nothing:

    You sent me the link to XPN. I’m listening. Second song they play is Ani DiFranco. Awesome! Thanks for the linkage, Darlin’.

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