My Family is Normal

This is a photo of my small, immediate family:

Megan + Amy at Fenway
Megan + Amy at Fenway

We’ve got two dogs who live with us. They’re pretty much family too. I mean, we pick up their poop, feed them, and make sure they have health care. That counts, right?

Maggie + Otter
Maggie + Otter

The other parts of our family are my folks, brother and family, Amy’s folks, sister and family (three of our nieces below), and brother.

Mud masks!
Mud masks with Auntie Amy!

And then there are our friends – our chosen family. Chosen family is special in a different way from traditional family, and I wouldn’t trade either of them for the world. From our oldest friends (not age-wise old, but length-of-friendship old) the newer ones, they really do make life wonderful too.

My family isn’t really all that different from most people’s families, with a few awesome exceptions:

  1. They’re mine.
  2. Amy and I happen to both be women.
  3. Our traditional families didn’t raise an eyebrow about #2.
  4. Our chosen family didn’t either.

Not everyone who is L, G, B, or T can say the same things, and that’s one reason why I’m blogging today. My family is NORMAL and I’m hopeful that someday #3 and #4 are the rule rather than exception.

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