Maine & Maggie & Amy & Me

Amy, the beast, and I made it to Maine a couple of days ago. Maggie, after some tiffs, a few small scrapes, and a big WHACK from the resident polydactly cat, has been settling into the pack quite nicely. She absolutely adores Hannah, the 1.5 year old, simply because Hannah thinks it is much more fun to feed dogs from her high chair than it is to actually eat. Hoover Maggie, I’m saying!

All is good, and we’re having fun. More later…..

One thought to “Maine & Maggie & Amy & Me”

  1. Hi there!! It’s a tad bit late but I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a fabulous start to the new year. I’ve just finished reading about 2 months worth of entries (whew… good thing there wasn’t too much to catch up on) and it’s good to know that things have been going well for you. Tata… ^_^

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