I love you this much!

The most awesome Jessica just gave me a blog award! I have never been given a blog award before, so I am pretty excited. Maybe even unreasonably so… but wouldn’t you be if you got this award?

I Love You This Much

The thing I really like about this award is that I get to MUST pass it on to 10 people who I also love THIS MUCH! To display the love, just save the badge and re-post it on your awesome blog. And then pass it on.

Of course I’m going to cheat, since there’s at least one awesome person out there who doesn’t actually have a blog (but totally should and I’m not even lying.)

Without further ado, in no particular order, here are 10 fantastic folks who I love THIS MUCH:

Lori – the “i love you this much because you inspired me to hockey blog” award winner.

Jessica – the “i love you this much because you never give up and it’s finally paying off” award winner

Namastemama – the “i love you this much because you are my soul sister” award winner.

Star – the “i love you this much because you live a beautiful life and an honest life” award winner.

Katie – the “i love you this much because you’re a great writer and newly happily married” award winner.

Anj – the “i love you this much for being my entertaining role model” award winner.

(Blogless) Libby – the “i love you this much for your notes which make me laugh, your weekly hockey writeups which make me laugh, and your true-blue friendship” award winner.

(Password-protected) Jen – the “i love you this much for sharing a birthday with me and for being the first person I ever met after knowing each other online” award winner.

Rebecca – the “i love you this much for being so incredibly well-rounded” award winner.

Daddy Democrat – the “i love you this much for being a sane voice in an insane world and for sharing really funny stories about your boy” award winner.

Obviously there is a lot more that each of these fantastic people bring to the world than the small pieces I highlighted in their award nominations, and I encourage you to go and read their blogs to find out for yourself. And even MORE obviously, limiting myself to 10 people means that a bunch of you aren’t on that list above. Which is rather unfair. You are: Christy and Heather and Davey and Jody and Adam/Tiffy and Laura and Stella and Paula and Polly and Dana and Jen and you and you and YOU. I love you all this much!

4 thoughts to “I love you this much!”

  1. WOW, thanks! I’ve never gotten a blog award either! I’m so excited. I immediately put it on my diary. Thanks for that burst of happiness today!

  2. Woohoo! My first blog award. You are the best. Thank you sweetie! I will certainly pass it on.
    Hugs to you!

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