How I Met Amy

25It’s no big secret that I share my life with an amazing woman. What I’ve never blogged (although goodness knows we’ve both told the story countless times in person) is how I met Amy.

So I used to work at a really great place. At said great place, I was in the middle of three offices; to one side was the humanities librarian and to the other was the digital services librarian. The digital services librarian (a most wonderful human being and one of my most favorite people in the world) sadly left her job so that she and her husband could begin life on the tenure-track. So that office sat open for a while. And I was sad.

By the bonfire @ Ciderfest

(If this all seems like a lot, bear with me. It’s important to me.)

Amy & Megan at Otter Point

Well, the job was finally advertised and some people came and interviewed and none of them (for various reasons) were quite the right people for the job. So some more people came in and finally they found The Right Candidate. That right candidate started working in the no-longer-empty office in January of 2004.

Amy & Megan on top of Mt. Agamenticus

Then my friend Geoff entered the scene. For those of you who have never met Geoff, you’re missing out. He’s the consummate connector. He’s Mr. Wry and Dry Sense of Humor. He’s fascinated by people. He’s got great kids and is the kind of dad every kid dreams about.

Self-portrait in South Bristol, ME

And Geoff wanted my newest colleague to meet people on campus – specifically, he wanted her to meet LGBT people. So he introduced her to this soccer coach. One day in March or so, this soccer coach came up to my colleague’s office so they could go get lunch together. At work that week, the entire staff had done the Myers-Briggs Test Inventory and we were all a-flutter with the experience. I’d popped into my office when this soccer coach came up and my colleague started telling her about it.

Amy & Megan, June 2005

I should mention at this point that our office walls didn’t go all the way to the ceilings, so we would often hold conversations while at our computers typing away.

Geocaching on Mt. Tom (Western Massachusetts)

Anyway, my colleague and this soccer coach (and our resident flaming gay man) were talking about the MBTI. Nosy person that I am, I had to go back over and horn into the conversation. My colleague introduced me to the soccer coach.

On the way to the Meeting House

And all of a sudden I remembered.

Amy and Megan in Blueberry Lake XC Ski Area

I’d emailed this same person when I started working there because she was responsible for intramurals. I wanted to play volleyball. She claims she emailed me back and told me that IM volleyball was simply pickup. I contend that I never heard back from her.

Megan + Amy @ Mariah + Jesse's Wedding

At any rate, I cut her some slack right then because she was really funny and charming and cute. A few months later – after some shenanigans by my colleague and her then-girlfriend (they were introduced by Amy) – Amy and I went out on the first of many dates.

At the Nats game

Tammy, thank you. John, thank you. Kelly, thank you. Geoff, thank you. Rebekah, thank you. All of you were necessary components in this story. You helped me find Amy, and for that I’m incredibly grateful.

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  1. that’s so sweet. it’s great when friends introduce friends to each other and things works out so well. i’ve not had such luck, so i stopped playing cupid a long time ago!

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