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From Amanda and others: here are 5 non-library blogs I read. These are all blogs by people I actually know in real life.

Life in the Pink by Cyn. She’s a wicked smart computer genius in a PhD program at UCSD. I met her through Phillyknitters. She knits, cooks vegan food (she’s got a blog for that), programs, builds robots, and makes really funny observations on the life she leads.

GeekyMom by Laura. In her non-GM life, she’s an instructional design professional at at small college in the Philadelphia area. Interestingly enough, she’s in a PhD program too. She blogs off and on about her family (GeekyBoy and GeekyGirl, along with Mr. Geeky), work/life balance, how she does what she does (with a tendency towards Allen’s GTD system), and life in higher education.

Bostonbeerman by Jim Olson, who not only does amazingly cool things with the Davis Museum at Wellesley College, but also runs a couple of really cool beer appreciation courses throughout the year. Who wouldn’t like a blog about beer?

Bekka by Rebecca who I know from the ACRL Women’s Studies Section. One of the things I love about her blog is that she actually does all the kinds of things I think about doing – both craft-related and otherwise.

The Ice Hockey Escapades by Lori Hylan-Cho (who I don’t really know in real life, but I do know about half of the team she played with this year, so that’s got to count for something.) Are you at all surprised that I read the blog of a woman who is out of college who plays hockey on a team that I used to play on? No, no, you are not surprised by that one bit. I love that she takes tons of photos and videos at games (someday I’ll be that in shape, that I can not DIE on the bench after my shift and can instead take photos) but even more than that, I love that she has documented all of her experiences playing hockey to date. One day last fall I think I read the whole blog from start to finish. Yes, I do love me some hockey, and I particularly like reading about people kind of like me who play hockey.

What about you who are librarians? What five non-library blogs do you read? And you who aren’t librarians – what are your five?

2 thoughts to “Five Blogs”

  1. Yours, Dooce, Musings of a Semi-Coherent Mind (another librarian).

    I am afraid to start reading any others because I don’t want to get hooked just like I don’t want to watch any more reality shows for example: Idol, Apprentice, Last Comic Standing, Hell’s Kitchen, Top Model and now (gag-me) Next Pussycat Doll. I can’t believe me! It’s a disgrace!

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