Christmas Break photos

Some more photos from Christmas in Maine and Minnesota:

Amy with the posse

Here’s Amy with the posse of 5 dogs at her parents’ house. They are: Willie (basset hound), Emma (young, slender black lab), Walter (lab-pitbull mix), Morgan (older, chubby black lab), and Maggie (dobeagle/beagerman).

sniffing the tree

Here is Maggie underneath the Christmas tree. She spent a lot of time under things in Maine, partly for security, and partly because she just could.

At Lutsen Resort

Here are Amy and I on the north shore of Lake Superior, at Lutsen Resort. It’s gorgeous there.

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  1. wow.. you and brunner look great! I’m so glad you guys had a fun break together. I hope your new year is full of good and happy things.

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