Better than Shrek?

Product Image: Robots
My rating: 3 out of 5

A few days ago, I read someone’s review of Robots, and they called it “better than Shrek.” So on Saturday, a dreary, rainy day (that had some unfortunate consequences for a friend’s yard), Amy, Jen, and I headed to The Bridge in West Philly to catch a matinee performance of the movie.

And it was cute, and clever, and I laughed a lot.

But better than Shrek? No way. Ewan McGregor was a convincing Rodney – he nailed the naive-small-town-boy heading into the Big City to fulfill his destiny. Amanda Bynes was a great Piper. And Jennifer Coolidge stole the show as Aunt Fanny. I was disappointed in Robin Williams’ performance as Fender (and where did they get that name? Ripped off from Futurama’s Bender, methinks). He was funny, but not unleashed. And if you can’t see Robin Williams being funny (this is an animated movie, so you can’t), he’s just not as funny as he can be.

Anyhow, it was a cute, clever movie, the right people prevail in the end, and there’s a nice amount of “you’re fine just the way you are”-ness in the whole story. I’d recommend seeing it if you’d like to pass a fun afternoon in the movie theater with some friends. And if you really like pop culture, you’ll probably want to see it more than once, since the references fly fast and furious. Overall, I give this my stamp of approval. But it isn’t Shrek.