Weekend (Knitting) Update

What a great weekend I had! Friday night saw Amy and me working late, then coming home to walk the dog, heading out for Ethiopian food (is it just me, or is Dahlak WAYYYY better than Abyssinia in West Philly?), and renting 2 movies from the Video Library. We got back to my place and watched Zoolander and Saved! I laughed my butt off at Zoolander, and was once again touched and moved by Saved!

Saturday I decorated my place for Christmas. I’ve got a wee fake tree and a ceramic tree that my gram made me years ago. I also managed to hang a grape-vine gold star thingy on my utility closet door outside. It looks quite nice, especially since my front door is the same kind of not-quite-shiny gold. (Don’t ask. The garage door is purple. That is all I have to say on the subject.*)

Amy came back from recruting up in north Jersey somewhere, and we hung out knitting (me) and crossword puzzling (her) until it was time to head way up to Hatfield or Ambler or someplace like that for her hockey game. We had a late dinner after the game at Bennigan’s. It reminds me once again of how much I do not enjoy eating at chain restaurants. They made fish and chips be yucky. I was very sad. 🙁

Sunday, after a quick jaunt to the park in which the dog did NOT try to pick any tiffs with the puppy bassett hound or the 2 big labs, I headed in to the city for some quality knitting time with my friends Amy, Jody, Jackie, and Christy. I finally got to meet the lovely Michelle.

Knitting was great, until I realized that the skein of Silk Garden I was using to start the next piece of the item I’m making didn’t have any GREEN in it after the purple! I’d wound all the balls so they’d start at the purple, and can’t believe I didn’t notice that this ball was missing the green. I had to frog the whole piece (which was only about 2 inches long at that point, but still.) *grumble* So I had nothing else to work on, but I did have 10 more skeins of Silk Garden in a Brand New Colorway (to me). Rather than going home and getting more of the yarn I needed, I cast on for my Klaralund. Bad Megan! Bad, bad Megan! But I got about 3 inches done last night while watching The Librarian: Quest for the Spear on TNT. And it makes me happy. It’s my holiday knitting, and it’s great to have it started.

Now I’m ready to hit the week running. Got lots to do, and I’m ready to accomplish it all!

* Well, that’s not ALL I have to say on the subject. The rest of what I have to say is that I’ve decided to paint the garage door, front door, and all the trim. The front and garage doors are going to be the Sweet Maple and the trim and utility closet door are going to be Scarlet Cap.

4 thoughts to “Weekend (Knitting) Update”

  1. Thanks for the sweet mention. It was terriffic to finally meet you too. I think I could really get into this group knitting thing.

    Ever since you mentioned Saved I am itching to see it again! I heart Eva, she is quite a hottie, heehee!

    Have a great day!

  2. You know, I don’t ghagree, about Dahlak v. Abyssinia. Dahlak certainly has superior ambience, but in terms of food, for me it’s Abyssinia all the way.

  3. Maple sugar and scarlet……..I definitely vote for that. Which is for the garage door? Do you need me again? Isn’t it too cold to paint? As far as restaurants go, I prefer Marigold, or is it Aster? Naughty dog, Maggie Jane….not nice to splinter knitting needles.


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