Restaurant Review: Thai Singha House (plus Momix)

Last night, Amy and I went to see Momix at the Annenburg Center’s Zellerbach Theater. Beforehand, we went out for dinner. Since the theater is about 10 blocks from my house, we decided to walk up to 40th St. to see what tickled our fancies, food-wise. I was craving Thai, so off we went to the Thai Singha House on 40th and Chestnut Streets.

There were several tables filled when we got there, but our section was rather empty. We were seated immediately and got water and menus right away. A short time later, our drinks arrived. For starters, we each got a soup. Mine was coconut chicken, and Amy’s was a shrimp lemon-grass. We both agreed that mine was the better of the two. Of all the coconut chicken soups I’ve eaten, though, I’d rate this as merely fair.

For dinner, Amy got a cashew chicken and shrimp entree. I ordered spicy crispy green beans with chicken and shrimp. When they arrived, I was pleased by the flavor of the green beans, the red curry sauce, and the chicken. The shrimp. though, left me with a bad taste in my mouth. Sometimes shrimp can taste really “fishy”, and I can’t stand that. So I pushed the shrimp to the side, and ate the rest of the entree. It was great, and if I go back there, I’d order it again without the shrimp. Amy seemed to like her entree as well.

The price was okay for the amount of food we got, if a little high for the quality. I’d go back, but probably only for a lunch meal.

Momix, on the other hand, blew both of us away. I have NO IDEA how they did much of what I saw. They performed a premiere called Lunar Sea – this is swiped from the Penn site:

MOMIX will return to Philly with a full-length world premiere, Lunar Sea, weaving props and ethereal lighting with elastic human bodies to conjure up a world of surrealistic images. Known internationally for its exceptional inventiveness, the company of dancer-illusionists is directed by Moses Pendleton.

Seriously – if you get the chance to go see them, do it. The money will be well-spent. My thanks go to my big brother for getting the tickets for us for Christmas. What an event to remember!

Today was spent in slothful indulgence. A trip to the dog park and coffee shop was followed by a visit to the PMA. After that, the magnetic sofa of goodness sucked us in for football and television. Not sure who I’m going to cheer for in next week’s big Vikings-Eagles game… But regardless of who wins, I’m sure to be happy.

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  1. I used to love that restaurant, but one time Mike and I both got ill after eating there, and I’ve been more suspicious of it ever since.

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