Restaurant Review: Nifty Fiftys

Oh let me count the ways in which I like Nifty Fiftys in Folsom/Ridley Township, Delaware County (where I had never been until last night):

  1. The milkshakes. Mine was red raspberry, Amy’s a black and white. Both were excellent, in the way milkshakes at a fifties diner should be.
  2. The music. It was all from the fifties.
  3. The waitstaff. The average age of the waitstaff was probably 17, but the ease with which they moved around an incredibly small place (their kitchen) to feed an impossibly large and constantly-rotating mass of people (us) was a sight to behold. That, and one girl had her fingernails done in Eagles green, silver, and black.

Now let me recount to you why I have only been to this restaurant once in five years, and will probably not go back for another five. See, bright lights and teenage kids and lines and greasy food are all fine and dandy if you give them to me one at a time. But I got them all at once at Nifty Fiftys, and so my eyes were sore and the kids were annoying and the line to get seated was long and the food was really amazingly (tasty and) greasy.

I give this place a 2 out of 5 stars, not that I’ve been giving stars or anything like that for my other reviews. Both those stars were for the milkshakes, oh yes indeed they were. But the stars that were lost shall keep me from there for a long, long time.

3 thoughts to “Restaurant Review: Nifty Fiftys”

  1. I used to go to the one in the Northeast a good deal in high school. They have the best cheese fries and chicken nuggets.

    The atmosphere can be very overwhelming though.

  2. I once sang doo-wop for my supper at Nifty Fifties (a.k.a. Nufky Fufkies), and it has certain nostalgic connections to major events in my personal life.

    If you’re looking for diner experience without bright lights, you might try the Tom Jones over on 352 in Brookhaven. Open 24 hours, no matter what. Prices good, food good, decor godawful.

    I had the chop chop chop and eggs for breakfast on Super Bowl Sunday and it was delish.

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