Recipe: Braising Greens and White Beans

This blog post is supposed to be about “true secrets.” But you know what? I’m too braindead after this incredibly long day to confess any true secrets to you. Instead, I’ll tell you that Amy’s making a really awesome dinner, even if it sounds wacky.

Braised Greens + White Beans

2t grated ginger
hot pepper
6 cups chopped greens (which can be steamed)
1 can (14-16oz) white beans, drained
2t soy sauce
2t sherry
1t rice vinegar
1.5t brown sugar

Mix soy sauce, sherry, vinegar, and sugar with a can of drained white beans and let them sit for a while. Saute the ginger and hot pepper; add greens to pan and saute. Add white beans + sauce and heat through.

Serve with big hunks of good crusty bread. I also eat it with a beer, but that’s optional.

Super tasty! And now I’m off to eat some and head to bed.

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