Magic Hat Beer Cap Wisdom

Magic Hat bottle capMagic Hat Brewery has “fortunes” on every bottle cap. I’ve saved all mine this summer – don’t think there’s a duplicate in there yet. Here’s my compilation of wisdom:

  • Suck the toe of Edgar Allen Poe
  • Never Flee from Glee
  • Jinx! Buy me a Beer.
  • a good man drinks a good beer
  • Reference the greats
  • Don’t Tease, aim to Please
  • Make your Move to Improve your Groove
  • A beer in the hand is worth 2 in the fridge.
  • No matter Where, you’re always There
  • If you are reading this, thank a brewer
  • Herbert the Pervert likes Sherbet
  • Originality is hard to duplicate
  • You’re a Winner!
  • Find the Way through Play
  • What could be Better than a beer with Eddie Vedder
  • Life is Not a Dress Rehearsal
  • Those who Race miss life’s Grace
  • HI!
  • It’s still Home if you’re Alone
  • Visit alternative destinations
  • It can be Great to Agitate
  • Bottled with Care by Rob, Chrissy, and Crew
  • Beware the Bore Behind the Door
  • The Answer is inside You
  • A Magic Brew or two may lead you to the loo
  • Kindlessness = Mindlessness
  • How did You get like This?
  • Don’t Throw Stones at Other’s Bones
  • Don’t Plunder the Wonder
  • Don’t Rely on those who won’t Try
  • Do not Quibble with Iskabibble
  • Travel Wide but not to Hide
  • I Have What I Want
  • Don’t throw a Can at a good looking Man
  • You are next in line
  • It’s Easy to Talk and Say nothing at the Same
  • The root of Pretension is Apprehension
  • Magic is Where you Make it

Notes: I had a lot of help drinking these. Punctuation and capitalization were copied exactly.

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