Insipired lunches thanks to Mr. Bento

One of my favorite Christmas presents this year (besides the awesome hockey stick Amy got me!) was from my folks – the Mr. Bento lunch jar.

Mr. Bento

I’ve been perusing the Flickr photo pool of Mr. Bento lunches for the past few months, realizing that my standard fall 2007 lunch of yogurt, string cheese, crackers, Luna bar and a piece of fruit just wasn’t cutting it any longer. I was bored with my lunches (and usually hungry around 4:15 anyway – which often meant a trip to the vending machine), ready to start bringing more varied foods, and completely in the right place to welcome Mr. Bento into my life.

Lunch: Mr. BentoThe first two days back to work I found myself slipping into old habits even with Mr. Bento – mostly because we hadn’t shopped for groceries after being gone for almost 11 days over the holidays. Cut veggies, cheeses, clementines, and trail mix – ho-hum (although colorful…)

Lunch: Mr. BentoYesterday, though, we had leftovers in the house and I was so excited to pack up my Mr. Bento and bring in a real lunch for once! Guacamole, vegetarian enchilada casserole, chips, and bulgar/feta/grape salad – YUM!

I’m excited to keep bringing varied lunches to work this semester, and hope to take a photo of lunch every day so that I don’t get back into a rut.

7 thoughts to “Insipired lunches thanks to Mr. Bento”

  1. Yay! I got one of these as a present, too! I had left a comment on your wishlist post about it and thought my friend surely must’ve seen the comment about wanting it. But she hadn’t seen it. 😛 She just knows me really well.

  2. If only it filled itself with tasty, nutritious food! however, even without that option, I’m tempted…

  3. I totally wanted one of those for Christmas!!
    I am still in my bad eating habits, even though I am losing weight. I am eating less, but still only once a day, which is no good. But I just can’t get motivated for breakfast or lunch, it seems. Maybe one of these would help!

  4. I got one of these too – it’s great, as long as I make sure I cook enough to have leftovers. The hardest part, though, because I live alone I get sick of the leftovers before I’m out of leftovers. But it’s getting easier as long as I plan stuff out.

  5. i gave one to my mom and one to ian and ian never cracked his out of the box it came in. don’t know about my mom. i mean, what a perfect gift? and the folks i gave them to…. just not sure they appreciate them!

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