Diets, of a sort

I’m on a few diets these days.

  1. Money. I paid off my credit card last night, and do not EVER intend to get back to that point again. EVER. It feels so good, too. Time to start saving more money up so I can do the home improvement projects from my 2005 resolutions!
  2. Yarn. I’m a knitter. ‘Nuff said.
  3. Food. I’m at my heaviest weight ever, and it doesn’t feel good. (Okay, so I’m chubby and happy in a relationship, but I’d rather just be happy in a relationship!) Last year I went on the South Beach Diet, but found it very hard to maintain. Atkins scares me, and the rest of the fad diets freak me out. So I thought about what my friend Lloyd did last year, which was to E.L.E.M., or Eat Less, Exercise More. And I like that theory a lot, but need to figure out how to do the E.L. part effectively. And that’s when I found the No S Diet. And honestly, I can say that the snacks, sweets, and seconds are the problem in my eating pattern. So out they go, and I try to develop some new habits, and get a little healthier in the meantime.

At the same time, I’m trying to indulge myself in some other ways. I’ve got a few gift cards from Christmas to use (Amazon, BookSense, Home Depot), so will try to find some fabulous books to get, probably ones that are good reference books that I normally wouldn’t buy because they’re expensive. I’ve got a beautiful atlas already, and 2 great knitting reference books. So I need to think about that. If there are any indispensible reference books you own, let me know!

And of course, I also indulge the blogging habit again. Did you see my new banner? Yup, that’s the top of Mom’s Klaralund! I’m going to try to get the previous/next working on individual entries, and would like to get some sort of Flickr or fotolog feed working. All fun, this WordPress stuff.

So now I’m off to do some more work.

3 thoughts to “Diets, of a sort”

  1. You make me blush… as I sit here munching on snacks scavanced from the workroom. The key factor for me making the E.L.E.M. work, was… du da dah… no guilt. If you feel like smacking through some serious chocholate brownie, go for it. Just try not to eat every chocholate brownie you have opportunity to smack down. Plus a heavy emphasis on the EM part and trying to be good about the EL part.

    Also, hurray for those credit cards! Now set them on the table, cross your arms and say “you’re not the boss of me” in as much of a 4th grade cool girl you can muster.

  2. me again. the No S Diet is my new favoritest thing in the universe. That and the shovelglove are just permaizing! You’re my favorite.

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