There is a difference between coconut milk and cream of coconut. You might not think that dogs would care about these differences, but Maggie sure does.

See this beast?

maggie post-bath

Sad-looking beast. That is the picture of a sad-looking beast after she’s had to have a bath because she was in Amy’s way while Amy was cooking last night. And Amy was cooking with what she thought was coconut milk, but was actually (and this realization happened right at the moment that the bath became necessary) cream of coconut!

See, cream of coconut is much creamier than coconut milk, and when you open the can (and if you are Amy, slice your thumb with the lid) you can really tell that there is a difference. Then you push down on the lid while the dog dances below you.

And then the dog needs a bath, because cream of coconut plus dog fur equals stickiness and matted hair and a generally sweetish (but not sweet) smelling dogginess. Fortunately, she and I both survived the bath, and we all learned lessons here. Coconut milk and cream of coconut – not the same thing. Dancing underfoot while people are cooking – a good way to need a bath. Washing the dog at 10 at night – only fun if you take sad puppydog photos after the bath.

5 thoughts to “Coconuts!”

  1. In the days before digital cameras, I had to do the emergency night bath. Of course it was 2 am and involved a skunk that was apparently living in the shed. While the 2 am was fun, what was more fun was the second, third and fourth ones the next day. With tomato juice. On a white dog. Yeah, she was pink for over a week. And she still smelled bad. All in all, I think I’d preferred coconut, milk or cream.

    I don’t think I’ve commented on your blog before, so I just wanted to say Hi and, in the future, I may be tempted to pick your brain because Pitt’s online library school starts in a month and I’m getting a little freaked out.

    Anyway, very cute dog, sad puppy eyes or not. And I hope Amy’s finger heals quickly.

  2. Oh, dear. Coconut lessons, indeed.

    What I am wondering is…

    …is Amy’s finger OK?
    …did you ever get to eat some dinner?
    …if so, was it the food originally on the menu?
    …does Maggie like coconut milk?

  3. The “coconut milk” was intended for a spicy sweet potato soup. It was yummy – for the first couple of bites – then became sickly sweet. I was the only one to finish my bowl – because i’m stubborn. I also proceeded to overcook the salmon and undercook the eggplant on the grill. I was on such a good roll with my cooking too! But yes, my finger is better.

  4. I like — and respect — your tenacity, Chef Brunner. Glad to hear your finger is better, too. 😎

  5. A man once said “you made fun of my pain for a day, i will write of your pain…….and the world will make fun of your pain for a lifetime!”

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