Carrots, Sticks, and Small Nothings

Newest TrickApparently I need the specter of NaBloPoMo over my head to get me blogging every day. Or every week. Whatever. Kind of like Otter needs me to put treats on his nose so he’ll behave. (He hates me for this trick.)

Some small nothings for your entertainment this fine weekend:

Work: This semester has been a doozy – lots of stuff going on at work (mostly good) and lots of stuff going on at home (hockey, mostly). It’s kept me busy and exhausted most nights. I’m looking forward to the December break and January’s wintersession on campus. Our group has a bunch of mini-workshops lined up, the first time we’ve taught most of them. Wintersession gives us some time to test-run courses to see if they should go into regular rotation. We’ll see – I’m hopeful.

Married life: Amy and I have been horribly lazy last night and tonight. The sofa has buttprints in it. 🙂

Food: On Thursday night we went to eat at Ka Carlos, a Cape Verdean restaurant in Dorchester with our friends Lib and Steph!TP. The service was definitely on island time, but the food was good. We all shared sauteed octopus and friend yuca. Lib got a spicy shrimp and veggie dinner, Amy got a spicy cajun-like chicken dinner, Steph!TP got conch, and I somehow managed to order a Denny’s Grand Slam (without pancakes). It claimed to be Portuguese beef with eggs. I guess I didn’t read the menu very carefully because there were some words next to the English description which apparently meant “with a heart-attack sauce and french fries too.” Ah well, it was still pretty tasty, my arteries notwithstanding.

Dogs: Maggie and Otter are funny. Ever since their Thanksgiving kennel trip, Maggie’s been all chow-houndy. Normally she’s happy to sit back while Otter inhales his meals, eating only when she’s good and ready. He probably snarfed up all her food in the kennel, causing this backlash on her part. Whatever it is, I love watching the two of them eating at the same time. Otter’s so tall that when his tail wags it completely clears Maggie’s back.

Knitting: I started knitting again, on my Janda sweater. Finally did some frogging on the front piece, which I made too long. Finished that and cast on for both sleeves last night. The easiest way to make sure your sleeves are the same length? Knit them at the same time. No photos this time – alas – but perhaps in the morning when the light is better.

Speaking of knitting, I’d like to get back to it, maybe finish the cuffs tonight and start in on the actual sleeves themselves. It would be nice to finish this before 2008, given that I started it in 2006… Ack!

5 thoughts to “Carrots, Sticks, and Small Nothings”

  1. OMG, when I saw Otter with the treat on his head I thought, Oh no, he hit his head too and now he has a butterfly bandage! It really looks like one!

  2. Oh, Otter! Giles says you’re supposed to EAT the treat, not balance it on your nose. (Really he’s just jealous that he is unable to do this trick.)

  3. It seems like the knitting but has crept back up and bit you! I was crocheting for a while, but lately I can’t seem to put down my knitting needles!

  4. It becomes almost impossible *not* to knit when the weather is like this, wintry and cold. I haven’t actually finished a knitted sweater, but I crocheted one during a summer of volunteering for NARAL. That flew by so fast!

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