Anniversary Dinner at L’Espalier

For our wedding, my brother, his partner, and their daughter gave Amy and me a gift certificate to the fabulous, fancy French restaurant L’Espalier in Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood. Last Saturday, the night before our first anniversary, we put that gift certificate to good use and treated ourselves to one of the best meals either of us has ever had.

We both chose the Degustation menu paired with 4 wines selected to match our entrees. Because of the flexibility of the menu, we got to have 8 different items (4 courses each, with a swap halfway through the meal.)

The entire experience was divine, as evidenced by the food hangovers we both had the next day. There are photos of each item we ate in the slideshow below. YUM.

5 thoughts to “Anniversary Dinner at L’Espalier”

  1. i saw all your photos when you posted them to flickr and i really wondered how on earth two such svelte women as yourself could possibly eat all those delicious-looking dishes! happy anniversary! here’s to decades and decades more happiness.

  2. oops, that should probably be yourselves instead of yourself. my inner-grammarian took the day off/is usually negatively effected by too many carbs at lunch.

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