Amy’s Idea for a Blog Entry

I just turned to Amy and asked, “What should I blog about?” With a mouthful of Trader Joe’s burrito, she said, “Woo shood bwog abowt how woo don wike Tradah Woe’s bawrreetos.”

So yeah, while I’m a huge fan of many things Trader Joe’s, their burritos just don’t do it for me. They give me wicked heartburn, and the flavor doesn’t trip my trigger – none of them. Their chicken enchiladas are awesome, the frozen bowl things (except for the ones with shrimp in them) are great, and I can’t get enough of their guacamole (Avocado’s Number – tee hee hee). But the burritos? No thanks.

What do you groove on at TJ’s? What surprises you that you don’t like?

2 thoughts to “Amy’s Idea for a Blog Entry”

  1. The Indian meals in the metallic pouches rock, as do the freeze dried fruits — pineapple, strawberry, and my new favorite, mangosteen.

  2. I am way too fond of their lemon meringues. And I like their yogurt, of flavored single-serve yogurts. But they changed something about their chipotle hummus within the last year, and it now upsets my stomach.

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