A Photo Essay

The past several days in my life, narrated visually.

The Three Bears

From last Friday night, after dinner with Michael at El Fuego. The spicy beef tacos were excellent! The park where this statue lives is called, “The Three Bears Park.” Go figure!

Maggie lays by the hose

From last Saturday, after a walk in the park. Maggie basks in the sun. She moved around a lot in the backyard that day, following the sun. I suspect some distant relative of hers was feline.

Fetch and Destroy?

On Sunday, Maggie went to town on the frisbee Michael got for her (along with the trick book – Maggie says “woof” and I say “thanks!”). I wish she’d merely fetch frisbees like normal dogs do, but since they are shiny and plastic, they are obviously the enemy and Must Be Destroyed.

The Damn Scarf

The Damn Scarf made of a ribbony yarn. I finished it today (Wednesday) at lunch. This may want to be a gift for someone, or it may want to stay with me. In any event, I have another skein of this yarn in turquoise, and dread using it. The only upside of finishing this is that I will now be able to finish my sweater, which requires these needles for doing the crewneck.


Kelly divvies up fresh strawberries from our organic farm vegetable and fruit subscription. There is something wonderfully visceral about juicy strawberries, fresh from the garden. After I finish this blog entry, I am going to wash and eat my share of these berry piles.