oh it’s a hard life living when you’re lonely*

so i really can’t wait for the semester to end so that i can have a 9-5 schedule every day of the week. the dog has such a hard time with tuesdays and wednesdays, because i go in late on tuesday and can’t giver her a good walk on tuesday nights. mostly i’ve noticed this on wednesday mornings when we go to the park is she is completely and utterly unruly, barking at everyone and everything in sight. it drives me nuts.

but when we take a good walk in the morning and go for a park-walk in the evening, she is happy as a clam, not unruly, and plays well with others. this morning (it being wednesday) we headed off to the park for a quick game of fetch before i headed to work. when we got there, it was filled with other dogs. normally, she’d sniff a bit, maybe play with one or two of them, and then be happy playing fetch. this morning? no way. she was little-miss-protecty-dog. what does that mean? it means that she positioned herself between me and any other moving thing out there and barked her fool head off, warning whoever it was to BACK OFF.

sigh. i grew up with labs. they were neurotic, of course, but in such different ways. but i wouldn’t trade this one for the world.

if you’re a philly person, you might be interested in reading the latest philly weekly cover story – i’m SO glad i found my pup when i did, and got her out of there when i did. seems like morris animal refuge is having some serious PR problems. go read it now – link only good this week.

* props to anyone who can name that song lyric!